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Winter car care tips

Winter car care tips

When the winter conditions are at their harshest, it's more important then ever to give your car the care and attention it needs to run smoothly. Follow these eight winter car care tips and your vehicle will reward you with reliable, trouble-free driving until the spring thaw arrives.


1) Check Your Lights


When most of the day is gloomy and filled with snow, your car's lights are more important than ever. Check that the headlights, taillights, and signals are working correctly, and that they aren't turning foggy or yellow which shows a failure is on the way.


2) Check the Battery


You car's electrics are under much more stress when the lights and heating are on more often than not. Check that the battery is still holding charge, and that there are no visible problems such as bulging or corrosion on the terminals.


3) Flush the Coolant


Now's the time to flush your engine's coolant levels and replace with fresh antifreeze to keep the system from icing up overnight. Also replace the coolant in your windshield washer reservoir to help keep your vision clear at all times.


4) Fill Up Your Gasoline


A fuller gas tank is better over the winter months. The extra weight may decrease fuel economy a little, but a full tank is less likely to have a buildup of water vapour which can freeze into the fuel pump. Also, a full tank is an insurance policy for if you're caught in traffic problems caused by heavy weather.


5) Switch to Winter Tires


Whether or not there's ice under the wheels, winter tires are a safety essential once the temperature falls near to zero degrees. They provide better grip even on snow-free pavement, and once snow does arrive, winter tires are the only way you'll be driving anywhere.


6) Frequently Check Your Tire Pressures


Colder tires mean lower air pressure, and this means less grip in the icy conditions where you need it most. Get into the habit of checking the tire pressures frequently throughout the winter months, continuing to do so as the weather warms so you can let a little air out if needed.


7) Check the Heater


You might have been enjoying air conditioning all through the summer, but now's the time to check that the heater is working correctly before you actually need to call on it. Also, check that the window and mirror defrosters are heating up correctly.


8) Pack a Survival Kit


Lastly, pack a survival kit into your trunk for if you get stranded, with contents including extra clothing, blankets, water, energy bars, ice scrapers, a flashlight, and so on. Try and think of everything that would be useful for an overnight stay in a cold car, and add it to the kit to help ensure your safety and comfort in an emergency.


Expert Winter Car Maintenance at Your Local Kia Service Centre


Make winter car care a priority with a visit to your local Kia Service Centre at Bessada. Our expert technicians will make sure your car is up to the task no matter how harsh the weather becomes.


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