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Why service your Kia at the dealership?

Why service your Kia at the dealership?

Kia vehicles are renowned throughout the auto industry for their advanced engineering and exceptional levels of reliability. But even cars with the quality of Kia need a little help to keep them running smoothly. Sticking to a regular servicing schedule is an important way of protecting your Kia, preventing problems from occurring and also catching minor issues before they become major, expensive ones.


And for the best level of servicing, we recommend you bring your vehicle to an authorized Kia dealership like our own Bessada Kia service centre. Here are four important reasons why.


1) A Full Range of Kia Services

A Full Range of Kia Services


Our specialist Kia technicians can provide a full range of services to keep your vehicle running in optimum condition, whether you drive a Kia SUV, sedan, wagon, or van. We can carry out routine checks efficiently and accurately, run full multipoint inspections that check in greater depth, and also complete a full range of maintenance tasks. Our most common services include:


- Tire safety checks, rotations, seasonal switches, and replacements.


- Oil and filter changes.


- Full fluid top ups, flushes, and replacements.


- Exhaust system inspections and safety tests.


- Brakes, steering, and transmission tests.


- Battery and electrics inspection.


And if our checks show up a problem, we'll let you know what needs to be done and supply you with a competitive auto repair quote before completing any work.


2) We Use Only Genuine Kia Parts

We Use Only Genuine Kia Parts


All the parts and components we use in our services are genuine OEM parts, sourced either directly from Kia or from their authorized suppliers. Every component is identical to the one originally fitted at the Kia factory, and is guaranteed to be perfectly compatible. Even a well-maintained vehicle can fail through fitting a low-quality part, and we won't risk the health of your vehicle by using unbranded or aftermarket parts to save a few dollars.


3) Genuine Kia Expertise and Specialist Equipment

Genuine Kia Expertise and Specialist Equipment


Bring your Kia in for a service at Bessada Kia and you can be sure it'll be worked on by fully trained technicians with specialist auto repair expertise in all Kia models. What's more, our service bays are equipped with the latest Kia diagnostic and repair equipment, so we can isolate and repair any problems quickly and efficiently.


4) Professionalism and Honesty

Professionalism and Honesty


Lastly, at Bessada Kia, we pride ourselves on our professional levels of service. We won't try to blind you with technical jargon, or try to squeeze a few extra unnecessary jobs into your service schedule. If we think your Kia vehicle needs some attention, we'll be upfront and honest about what the issue is and how much it'll cost to put it right.


Book a Servicing Appointment at the Bessada Kia Service Centre


Booking a service appointment at the Bessada Kia service centre couldn't be easier. Simply fill in our online form giving us as much detail as you can about your vehicle, the services you want to schedule, and your preferred time and date, and we'll get straight back to you to confirm your slot.


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