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Why Choose Kia Service?

Why Choose Kia Service?

Kia Service offers plenty of plans and is a great way to keep your Kia car running efficiently. Plans make it easy and convenient to visit your nearest Kia Service centre while the expert helps ensure you leave feeling like a valued customer. With trained technicians, visiting a Kia Service centre is an easy way to ensure your repair or maintenance is done thoroughly and with precision.


A Convenient Option


Kia Service centres are easy to find, and visiting one is a quick way to book a time for servicing your car. Service centres at your local dealership are quick to visit, and customer service is always a priority. They’ll listen to your concerns, take notes, and set a time for you to return to fetch your vehicle or visit for maintenance. 


Kia Service Plans

Kia Protect Service Advantage is a service plan available from Kia. This plan locks in your servicing at a fixed price. The pre-paid maintenance package means you avoid the rising service and maintenance costs. The plan can easily save you money, and having your maintenance scheduled means you’ll never be late or miss a service you need.


The factory-scheduled inspections and maintenance are vital to ensuring your Kia runs well. Regular maintenance also helps prevent breakdowns further down the line. With frequent oil changes and proper care, servicing will keep your engine running well and can even boost performance if it’s been some time between servicing.


OEM Parts


Kia Service centres use OEM parts that were designed for your model and used during the factory assembly. Using these parts ensures your vehicle will run after maintenance and repairs and that the part has a level of guarantee on it. Additionally, as these parts are used, there’s little to no impact on your warranty. 


The centre is also likely to have your needed part in stock, unlike when visiting a mechanic who will need to order the part. With the part in stock, your waiting time is often quicker as repairs can begin much sooner. 


Work Guarantee


Visiting your local Kia Service centre ensures you’re getting your car worked on by a technician who has received proper education, emphasizing the Kia line of cars. This expertise allows them to find troubles faster, finish servicing in less time, and if there’s a complicated repair, you can rest easy knowing that they know how to fix it. 


Additionally, as a certified Kia technician does the work, there’s a guarantee on it. If you experience issues soon after care due to maintenance, you can return to the service centre and have the problem solved easily. 


It’s a Quick Stop


If you’re curious about servicing your Kia, visit your local dealership in Pickering and enquire about the available service options.


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