What Makes the 2018 Kia Stinger a Great Car Choice?

If you’re ready to purchase a new vehicle, you’re probably looking for recommendations based on the quality, features, and overall appearance of the different cars on the market. The 2018 Kia Stinger is a popular choice for several reasons. It has a lot to offer to those who are interested in driving around in a budget-friendly sedan.

It’s Affordable


When shopping around for a new vehicle, most drivers are paying close attention to the cost. They want to find something that is listed at a reasonable price, but they want to make sure they’re spending that money on something that is going to run reliably. Not only does the Kia Stinger run smoothly, it doesn’t cost as much as the competition, making it a great bargain vehicle.


It’s Spacious


It may be a sedan but that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough space for each passenger to sit comfortably. This version of the Kia is known for its spacious and adjustable seating options that provide passengers with plenty of leg room. Passengers can sit comfortably instead of dealing with their knees hitting the driver’s seat.


It Comes With Convenient Safety Features


Driving a vehicle that is going to keep you safe is essential. Some vehicles come equipped with better safety features than others. The Kia Stinger comes equipped with full-length side airbags, cornering brake control, traction control systems, and child safety locks that would prevent young children from easily opening the doors while driving. If you have children, you know how important this feature is because you wouldn’t want your child to unexpectedly grab at the door handle and open it on you.


The Kia Stinger is a great vehicle worth purchasing if you want to drive something that is safe, affordable, and quite spacious. Here at Bessada Kia, you can look at our inventory and get a feel for the Stinger firsthand by going for a test drive.