3 Good Reasons to Finance a Car With the Dealership


Buying a car can be a time-consuming experience. It can sometimes take me weeks to research the proper vehicle, and that’s before I’ve even stepped into the dealership for a test drive. One time-saving step I’ve discovered is financing my purchase directly from the dealership. In fact, I’ve never financed a vehicle through any unaffiliated bank or lender. There are many reasons why.


  1. Time on My Side


I have already spent weeks researching cars, and maybe some extra time test driving a few. I have finally settled on the 2017 Kia Sportage. I know I’ll be financing my purchase because leasing simply isn’t an option for my family. I could spend a few more weeks shopping around brick and mortar banks or perusing online lenders for the best deal available. Conversely, I can sit down at the dealership and have them run my credit and provide a response within minutes of my test drive.


  1. Low Rates


Not only am I saving time by financing directly through Bessada Kia, they most likely will have the best interest rate and terms available. In some cases, auto loans procured directly from the dealer can include low-to-zero interest rates, as well as the possibility of a cash-back rebate. Now I’m saving time and money.


  1. Protecting My Credit


Identify theft is a real threat in the technology age. I prefer to have my credit run only once when making a large purchase. Not only does this minimize the transmission of personal information, but running multiple credit reports could have a negative impact on my actual credit score.




I have never financed a car anywhere but the dealership. There are good reasons for this. While there are plenty of financing options, working directly with the dealership’s finance department should save me time and money, and also help reduce the risk to my credit report and personal information.